A caretaker/manager job available

The founders and owners of an estate on Syros are looking for a full time caretaker/manger couple to take over the day to day running of their cat sanctuary.

The job begins on: February/March 1st

The Sanctuary provides a one bedroom bungalow, with beautiful garden, kitchen, patio, living room shower / bathroom. Also includes electricity and water, use of a car (includes petrol to do the shopping and go to the vets) plus a wage commensurate with a school teacher (who has to pay for their own home/bills/car etc).

This is a full time position that requires that there is always one of the two people always on site in any 12 hour period – we can provide volunteer cover during holidays (3-4 weeks a year).

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact the founders of the charity: