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Our priority, your little friend

SYROS - Clinic

SIFNOS - Vet Practice

IOS - Vet Practice

Our commitment to our young patients

Our clinic is fully committed to providing a low-stress experience for your pet. We believe that your pet’s emotional well-being is just as important as their physical health, and we are dedicated to protecting and preserving both.

We do what is necessary to remove stressors and create a friendly, stress-free environment.

We provide clean and comfortable accommodation and nursing space, the opportunity to pre-bed several times a day (if appropriate) and rest in a specially designed low-light and quiet environment. The animals are monitored by doctors and nurses throughout the day and all facilities and services are available to ensure the ideal conditions of stay.

Our commitment to you

We are here to welcome, with pleasure, you and your pets to our care.

We have made a promise not only to you, but to the entire community, to care for each patient and their owner with empathy, efficiency, teamwork, accountability and dedication.

The Cyclades Veterinary Clinic is the place that houses the vision of its owner and founder George Marangos, which he has been building, remodeling and evolving day by day for years, trying to meet the ever-changing needs of both our little friends and their owners.

Our doctors and nurses, with their experience, their knowledge and their endless love for animals, make up the basis of this lodge, laying the most solid foundations.

SYROS - Clinic

SIFNOS - Vet Practice

IOS - Vet Practice

Why choose us

We know you are very picky about your pet’s veterinary care provider. Thank you for choosing us for this responsibility. We believe there are several factors that make us stand out:

Our promise is to do everything we can to provide the highest level of care so that your pet is healthy and happy!

Our clinic’s Pet Shop has a wide range of clinical diets with excellent quality food and raw materials.