Medical Staff

Meet the qualified veterinarians of our Veterinary Clinic

Marangos Georgios

The Cyclades Veterinary Clinic is the place that houses the vision of its owner and founder George Marangos, which he has been building, remodeling and evolving day by day for years, trying to meet the ever-changing needs of both our little friends and their owners.

Our doctors and nurses, with their experience, their knowledge and their endless love for animals, make up the basis of this lodge, laying the most solid foundations.

Meet our clinic's vets

Sarandopoulou Marilia

Veterinary Degree USAMV CLUJ NAPOCA, Romania

Koumbarou Andriani

Veterinary Degree University of Veterinary Medicine of Budapest, Hungary

Lazaridi Thaleia

Veterinary Degree Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Pitris Theodoros

Veterinary Degree Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Vlachou Margarita

Veterinary Degree Agriculture Science University, Timisoara, Romania

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