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We strive to meet all your needs

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We strive to meet all your needs

Cyclades Veterinary Clinic is a full-service, companion animal hospital providing a wide range of treatments and procedures. We can cover all your pet’s health needs, from the simplest check-up to the most specialized treatments. From the electronic identification and sterilization to a more specialized surgery, our clinic has state-of-the-art equipment and our team is ready to support any action that will contribute to the health and well-being of our little friends.

Our doctors and nurses, with their experience, their knowledge and their endless love for animals, make up the basis of this lodge, laying the most solid foundations.

All of our services

Placement of electronic identity

Passport issuance

Laboratory tests

The Veterinary Clinic of Cyclades has a laboratory fully equipped with modern facilities, aiming to provide complete and correct coverage of laboratory tests with safety, accuracy and speed, for the whole range of cases. Our little friends’ requirement for more specialised tests is met by our direct cooperation with the German laboratory of LABOKLIN for immediate and valid results.

  • General Blood
  • Coagulation factors
  • Cultures
  • Blood smear
  • Biochemical Analyses
  • Electrolytes
  • Urinalysis (General- Sediment- UPC)
  • Specialized analyses (Fructosamine, Phenobarbital, T4)
  • Cytological examination of puncture materials, skin material/biopsies
  • Serological testing of dogs/cats

Imaging tests

Ultrasound, Digital Radiography

The imaging tests are used to complement the clinical examination, so that the diagnosis and the choice of the best possible treatment for each case is a one-way street. 

Digital Radiography

  • High-quality X-ray imaging
  • Less radiation
  • Preservation of patient history
  • Ability to record on CD and send by e-mail


  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Ultrasound of the heart
  • Ultrasound of the eyes
  • Puncture and collection of material for cytology or biopsy


Ultrasound of the Heart / Electrocardiogram ECG

Checking your pet’s cardiovascular function is an integral part of the clinical examination, as heart disease is quite common in pets.

At the Cyclades Veterinary Clinic the tests that can be performed are:

  • Clinical examination
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Cardiac ultrasound

Dental care

Our pets, like humans, are prone to diseases of the oral cavity. At the Cyclades Veterinary Clinic we have specialized staff and state-of-the-art dental equipment in order to provide comprehensive dental care to maintain good oral health and avoid other pathological problems.


Skin conditions are one of the most common reasons for visiting the veterinarian. The most common conditions affecting our little friends are: otitis, pruritic dermatoses, exoparasites, allergy, infectious diseases with dermatological lesions, endocrinological and autoimmune diseases, where the aetiology of these conditions varies.


Respiratory – Digestive System

Endoscopy of the digestive tract allows gastroesophagoscopy, i.e. the inspection of the oesophagus and stomach, as well as the first part of the small intestine.

Endoscopy is carried out under general anaesthesia and is a non-invasive method which allows the diagnosis of diseases in the oesophagus and stomach, such as gastric ulcers, and the removal of foreign bodies found in these organs with special forceps, without the need for painful surgery. In the same way, endoscopy of the respiratory system is carried out both for diagnostic purposes (review – taking material for culture – biopsies) and for the removal of foreign bodies from the nasopharynx or the lower respiratory tract.

Soft tissue surgery

In our clinic we perform a variety of surgical procedures involving:

  • in the digestive system, such as enterotomies and enterectomies, removal of foreign bodies, gastrotomies, etc.
  • in the urinary system, bladder opening for the removal of neoplasms or stones, nephrectomy, etc.
  • in the reproductive system, such as endometritis (pyometra), neoplasia of the uterus, ovaries, testicles, partial and total mastectomies, etc.
  • skin and subcutaneous tissue, such as removal of morphomas and neoplasms, eyelid surgery (entropion of certain breeds) and skin folds
  • in the intra-abdominal organs, such as splenectomies, biopsies of the liver, spleen, etc.

* Surgeries are performed 24 hours a day


Orthopedic cases are treated by the surgical veterinarians of our team and in special cases where the animal needs more specialized care, the clinic is in collaboration with the best veterinary orthopedists in the country to ensure for our little friends the most immediate and painless rehabilitation of the problem they present.



After any special treatment or procedure, hospitalization of the pet, in most cases, may be deemed necessary to ensure proper monitoring and rehabilitation.

The hospitalization area of the Cyclades Veterinary Clinic is specially designed to meet all the necessary needs for any kind of hospitalization. Our nursing staff is trained to provide the right care to the small patient to complete the recovery process soon and with maximum safety and return home.

Our clinic has a specially designed area in which animals whose condition requires increased care are treated (Intensive Care Oxygen Cage).